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10 Garden Party Essentials

April 29, 2015

It’s been feeling a lot like summer lately, and what better excuse for a garden party than beaming sunshine? Whether you’re planning a small family get-together, a birthday celebration or something entirely different – take a peek at our party essentials to make sure you throw a party to remember this summer.

Garden Party Essentials Image credit: Optymistyczna Mama



Every garden party needs a good supply of food to keep energy levels up. A fire pit means that everyone can cosy up around the fire and roast marshmallows as the day ends. While, a range of nibbles and snacks can be perfect to pick at throughout the day. Alternatively, a BBQ is a sure favourite for a greater selection of cooked foods. Disposable and easy to move, a BBQ is seasonal and perfect for cooking for large parties. All that is needed, is a willing BBQ chef!



A small bar set-up complements the selection of nibbles and BBQ orders. We recently spoke about growing your own cocktail garnishes and ingredients, and a garden party has got to be the best excuse for putting these to good use! Of course, herbal teas and fresh lemonades also make a great alternative.


Lounge Area

A seating area is hugely important at any social event. Your guests will need a good comfy spot to sink into as they enjoy their food and drink. Depending on the tone of the party, the number of guests, and of course what you have available – a few beanbags thrown together can make a small, low-key gathering personal and cosy, while a table and chairs might be best for larger parties and more formal events.



Lighting can transform the atmosphere of your party with very little effort. By streaming fairly lights across trees and bushes in your garden and adding a few fairy lights around the party space you can create a cosy and romantic vibe that will keep your party alight after the sun goes down. Add tea lights to an old jam jars and hang from hanging branches to create a magical touch.

Garden Lighting for Parties


As much as we hate to admit it – British weather does have a tendency to be a little unpredictable and unreliable even at the best of times. Therefore, we advise that you plan ahead and arrange a hideaway in case the weather turns sour. A gazebo makes the perfect seasonal pop-up cover if all else fails.



What better way to add a touch of atmosphere than to add a hint of background music. Music doesn’t always need to be loud to be effective. Whether you own a set of speakers you can transport outside, or whether you are a natural on the guitar – music can really set the tone of your garden party – you just need to decide what that you’re going for. Relaxed and low-key or something to dance to?



An extra detail that can create a personal touch and edge to your party is decoration. Perfect if your party has a theme. You can put a twist on the norm with a few minor details or go big with extravagant details – the choice is up to you.



Entertainment can create a fun vibe at any garden party – and is the perfect way to bond guests who may not have met before. Depending on the tone of your party and the number of guests, a selection of games can be the perfect ice-breaker and party activity.


Table Spread

Every garden party has a centre point where guests gravitate. This is often where food and drink are displayed! If you are hosting a larger party you are likely to have a large table catering to these party details. You can be really creative here – simply adding a few small details can make the area visually pop. As aforementioned fairy lights are perfect for creating a magically touch – add these to old jam jars and you had an effortlessly beautiful table centrepiece. Flowers from the garden are also perfect, while more formal events could express a personal touch with a hand written name card.


Play area

We recently touched on ways to keep kids active outside and a play area is not only going to achieve this but keep little ones busy and entertained as the adults relax. Work with what you have – a simple area made up off a few bean bags with snacks and mocktails will keep kids of all ages entertained for hours!

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