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  • Gardening Activities for Children

    April 27, 2015

    Little girls sitting on a garden lawn

    After what has felt like an endless winter, we are getting ready to creak open the back door and dust of the table and chairs, get out the BBQ and bat and ball and head out into the long-forgotten outdoors. When you dare to whisper those long-awaited words ‘shall we eat outside tonight?’ you know that spring is here at long last.

    The temptation to spend time outdoors comes naturally to many of us – the allure of the sun and peeping flower heads are enough for most. However, younger ones may feel less inclined. After all, they’ve become accustomed to the safe warm space that is their bed and the sofa? While cozying up in the warm with a book of a film is perfect when the garden is greyer and gloomier, when the sun comes around these comforts need to be thrown aside in favour of vitamin d and fresh air. This is sometimes easier said than done however. Take a peek at our suggestions for tempting kids into the garden this spring. We have explored the benefits to spending time in the garden recently, how many were you familiar with?


    Gardening with Kids

    Getting younger ones involved with the garden first hand will create a sense of achievement and pride as they watch the garden bloom thanks to their involvement. Aim for small, simple projects of course. Sunflowers make a fantastic kid-friendly project that will grow huge and bright flowers that will smile right back at them.

    Family working on a garden vegetable patch



    If you are looking to make a real commitment to garden DIY, a treehouse is the perfect way to transform a garden into a kid-friendly outdoor play area. Customised to your (or more likely, the kids) preference, you can create a unique hideaway that is bound to keep kids of all ages active for hours.


    Fire pits

    Ok, so we have dedicated our ideas to kids in the most part, and this one is no exception, however with adult supervision a fire pit evening can be perfect for those warmer nights for all the family. Perfect for roasting marshmallows and as aforementioned, relocating dinner time to the garden. Add a touch of outdoor lighting and extend summer days into summer nights.



    Another social addition – BBQ’s are perfect for family and friend events. During the day or later on as the sun lowers and the weather cools, BBQ’s are a great excuse for an outdoor supper. Seasonal and moveable BBQ’s are an easy alternative to fixed fire-pits.

    Family having a garden BBQ picnic lunch


    Sand pit

    Bring a little bit of the beach to your own garden – younger kids will keep busy with a bucket and spade while you can lay back and relax with your mind at ease. Who needs the drive to the coast and bags of wet towels? Just watch out for local straying cats!


    Paddling pool

    A summer essential – a paddling pool in a perfect way to get the kids outside. What’s better than a cool splash around on a boiling summer’s day? Just ensure that you remember the high-factor waterproof sun lotion.


    Build a fort/tent

    Building an outdoors fort out of blankets, chairs and well anything that happens to be laying around is a childhood memory most of us have and reminisce on fondly. Why not take it a step further and allow the children and maybe a few friends to camp out in the backyard. Perfect for an unusual birthday party idea.


    Climbing area

    A jungle gym can be the perfect addition to any garden that is bound to impress the kids. Pick a style you like that the kids will enjoy and watch as they entertain themselves for hours. An easier alternative could be as simple as rooting around in the garage for a tyre and a rope!

    Kids playing on a climbing frameImage credit: Climbing Frames UK


    If you are a pet-owner you will know that time spent outside with a furry friend is time well spent. If you are not, there are plenty of other local wildlife who would gladly pay your garden a visit. By creating a wildlife-friendly garden, you can help out local animals, while creating a fun project for little ones to be involved in. They will love watching the results.


    Outdoors games/sports

    By taking games and sports outside you are less likely to encounter an accident with a smashed ornament. Plus, the fresh air and vitamin d are perks for all the family. Put on a lather of sun cream and head out with a bat and ball or frisbee and enjoy the good weather.

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